Wholesale Coffee Beans in the UK



If you're looking for high quality, hand-roasted wholesale coffee beans, freshly roasted in the UK, you’ve come to the right place.  


Who are wholesale coffee beans for?

We sell wholesale coffee beans to a variety of coffee shops and businesses in multiple sectors across the UK (from restaurants to schools, hospitals, offices, shared workspaces, staff rooms, hotels, shared living spaces, and so many more!) both as a product to sell and for use within their premises. Whether you are barista-trained or have a bean to cup machine for use by everyone, there’s always a call for really, really good coffee.


Whether you need a regular supply of wholesale coffee beans for your café, workplace machine, school staff room, or if you run a hospitality setting that goes through coffee beans like they are going out of style, if you choose the Coffee Bean Shop as your UK wholesale coffee bean supplier, you can be sure of a fresh cup, every single time.

We pride ourselves on our full of flavour, flame-roasted wholesale coffee beans. They are roasted daily, right here in our roastery in Kent, UK and are all given the same love, care and attention, no matter the batch quantity. 

pile of freshly roasted coffee beans

Why choose The Coffee Bean Shop for your wholesale coffee beans?

First of all, we have a massive variety of hand-selected, premium single-origin coffee beans to choose from. There’s even a range of green beans for roasting if that is something you are interested in.

Wholesale coffee beans and trade coffee beans usually get a bad rep, we all know the jokes about the quality of cuppa that your work machine offers. 
But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Let your employees, customers and guests know that you care by opting for our hand-roasted, small-batch whole sale coffee beans. Plus, with over 50 varieties of blends and single-origin beans, there will surely be something to suit even the fussiest palates.
If you’re looking for freshly roasted UK wholesale coffee beans, contact us to begin your journey to the best cup of coffee, every single day.