About Lizzie Powell

I hope you are sitting comfortably and enjoying the best cup of coffee you have ever had, or about to buy it!  Here is a little about Coffee Bean Shop and how it all began.

I started the business because I loved coffee, I took my food and wine pretty seriously and I wanted to have great coffee that didn’t taste burnt and bitter, but just couldn’t find the one with the wow factor and so I thought – I must be able to do better than this!

I researched how coffee is roasted, the various types available and I drank a ton of the stuff! I first tried a cup of freshly and correctly roasted coffee and it was a game changer for me!  That was a cup of coffee that literally changed my life.

My aim was to create coffee that had the "wow that’s great coffee" feeling, the "fresh roasted, open the bag and it hits you" coffee. I wanted to experience new flavours without the harshness often associated with over roasted coffee and began my journey over a decade ago learning to roast in my kitchen.  I started with a few sacks of coffee.  I moved the 1kg roaster into my garage (and promptly redecorated by now brown stained kitchen).  The website was developed with a shopping cart and I launched.  People started buying my coffee and gradually the business started to grow.

When I started the business from my kitchen, my older sons Ollie and Harvey at 12 and 15, then became chief label operatives in exchange for pot noodles and pick “n” mix sweets!  The younger children, were often sitting in high chairs on the drive watching me roast coffee, it was an exceptionally busy time for all of us.

This really was a family business from the start, both Ollie and Harvey work in the company full time today, we really are a coffee mad family.  We are known in our village as the “coffee beans” I am “coffee bean Liz” I doubt anyone knows our surname, but they know where the best coffee comes from!

The order queue kept growing and I moved the business to an industrial unit in Ashford and I bought the first Giesen roaster the UK had ever seen and the difference was unbelievable! I raised the level of quality coffee even beyond my own expectations, this was game changer number two!  Orders were coming in thick and fast along with trade customers and some white label enquiries as well as roasting for the chocolatiers, who really appreciated both our Peaberry beans for coating in chocolate and our non-bitter amazing coffee to mix with their chocolaty delights, to avoid overpowering the flavours.

Our customers are incredibly loyal, some have bought from us literally hundreds of times over the years, we try hard to make sure there is always something exciting, a new fresh crop of something to buy whenever they visit our website.  We spoke to customers extensively before developing the new website and we took on board all our customers wishes and created an easier shopping experience, a more informative site and kept all the good things that everyone likes too.

Today we roast tons of coffee for our customers every month, we also roast for many coffee shops in the UK. We roast enough coffee for over 10 million cups of coffee annually. It is still and always will be a family business with quality coffee at the forefront of everything we do.

We carefully provide superb coffee, traditionally roasted and the freshest you will find anywhere, delivered with outstanding customer care.  We have recently looked hard at what we stand for as a business and it was clear to all of us, we are and will always strive to be the roastery that provides coffee for “the serious coffee drinker” ordering by 5pm for delivery the next working day. 

My family and I have been carefully building a reputation for a superb flame, medium roasting process which retains the notes and nuances of the beans. We’ve built a superb range – one of the largest collection of imported coffees in the UK and pride ourselves on superb 5 Star service. With a customer base of over 40,000 serious coffee drinkers we’ve proved ourselves. 

I regularly call customers who have ordered from me to have a chat and give them a grinder or a free bag of coffee! Please ensure we have your phone number so we can call you about your order next time.  The guys at Royal Mail need your mobile number to text you about where your coffee is on route.  If you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive regular discount codes, special offers and will be the most up to date with all things coffee. https://www.coffeebeanshop.co.uk/join

Thank you for taking the time to read about my wonderful “Coffee Beaners.” I am thrilled we are now acquainted, as I know drinking the most delicious coffee you can buy matters to you as much as me, so joining the elite of coffee drinkers makes absolute sense! Welcome to Coffee Bean Shop.


Lizzie Powell
Coffee Bean Shop Founder