Bespoke Coffee & Signature Espresso Blends


Just because your coffee shop doesn’t have an onsite coffee roaster, doesn’t mean you can't sell premium hand-roasted coffee and a signature espresso blend. Nothing says luxury bespoke coffee quite like your very own signature espresso: the taste of which will keep your customers returning for more.

Having a 'house blend' bespoke coffee that is renowned and synonymous with your café is definitely worth investing in and shouting about! And if it tastes amazing, believe us, your customers will be doing just that.

All of our bespoke coffee blends are created with you in mind - from your client demographic to your own preferred roast level, and that the all-important caffeine content. We can create a signature espresso for your house blend, or a more unique premium mix for that little something extra.

Plus, we do Swiss water decaf too (no nasty chemicals!), and there aren’t too many small business coffee roasters who can claim that.

 Bespoke coffee being hand poured into a flat white

How does the bespoke coffee blend service work?


When it comes time to start crafting your bespoke coffee blend, signature espresso or awesomely unique house blend coffee, we understand that you want to know that you are getting the best service possible, so here’s a quick insight into what to expect.


  • First of all, we will ask you a few questions about your particular tastes, the type of customers you serve and your most popular products. This is to get a feel for your business’ unique needs and preferences. 
  • We will look over our 50+ varieties of premium single-origin beans, and select a few varieties that we think will suit you.
  • We will then mix 3-8 of these to create your bespoke blend or signature espresso blend, and invite you to taste test them to make sure it is just what you are looking for. 
  • Next up comes the roast profile that we would have discussed with you. All of our single origin coffee beans come to us in their raw, green state, ready for us to roast to your preferred level. 
  • As well as considering the bean variety and caffeine strength you are after, we will also consider the roasting levels needed to bring out the characteristics and flavours that will work best with your clientele and products.
  • We then delicately hand roast your bespoke coffee beans over flame, in small batches to ensure flavour and quality consistency. We treat every batch of beans, including your signature espresso blend, with the same care and respect that we do our own beans, and with most of our clients, we roast weekly, to guarantee that they always have freshly roasted coffee beans when they need them. 


Many of our coffee shop clients opt for a signature espresso blend for their regular beverage options and an extra premium bespoke coffee blend to offer customers something a little bit more special. This can be an excellent alternative to offering multiple single origin coffees, but still having something luxurious on offer for your coffee-loving clientele. 

You also have the option of having your signature bespoke blend coffee beans pre-ground, ready for customers to take home themselves, if this is something you are interested in.


If you are also after packaging to go with your bespoke coffee blend, why not take a look at our white label coffee service

Get in touch today to discuss our bespoke coffee blends and signature espressos.