Best Coffee Beans for Coffee Machines

Coffee lovers know that the key to a great cup of coffee is using high-quality beans. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best coffee beans for your coffee machine. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect beans for your taste buds.


Best coffee beans - but what coffee machine do I have?

The main thing to think about when considering the best coffee beans for coffee machines is which type of coffee maker it is that you own. Fresh home-brewed coffee is now a relatively affordable luxury, thanks to the amazing range of coffee machines and espresso machines that offer an almost professional quality beverage, when used properly. And there are even those created specifically for us lesser barista-trained individuals.

So, what type of coffee machines are there?

While espresso pod machines, also known as capsule machines, are having a bit of a heyday, they do not allow for the variety of drinks and customisation that a manual or semi-automatic espresso machine allows. 

A manual espresso machine allows you to have complete control over every aspect of your drink - the grind level, the pressure, temperature, the time length of water exposure and the texture of the milk (which you have to froth yourself). This is what most super coffee nerds yearn for, as it means you get maximum flexibility for experimentation.

But there are in-betweens for these - coffee machines that can grind the beans for you, however you want them to be, machines with programmable settings for the espresso part, or the milk frothing part, or for the entire drink itself.

For the purposes of this blog post we will be considering two options - 

  1. You have a bean-to-cup-coffee-machine and want to know which whole-bean coffee types will work best with it.
  2. You are buying your coffee pre-ground and would like to know which beans will work best for your manual or semi-manual espresso machine. Or you have a grinder of your own that is not integrated into the machine itself. Either way, these suggestions will work for you.


Coffee Beans for coffee machines

Firstly, it’s important to understand the difference between the two main types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are known for their delicate, nuanced flavours and lower caffeine content. They tend to be more expensive than Robusta beans, which have a stronger, more bitter taste and higher caffeine content.

While some coffee machines can handle both types of beans, others may have a preference for one or the other. Check your machine’s manual or specifications to see if there are any recommendations for the type of beans to use, but for the most part, what beans you choose will come down to personal taste rather than a machine’s incapability to work with a certain bean type. (to the best of our knowledge, this doesn’t exist. As long as you are using the correct grind type, then most machines can take any type of coffee bean).

Assuming your machine can handle both types of beans, let’s dive into some specific recommendations.

Best coffee beans for bean to cup machines

Okay, so the title may be misleading. Because here’s the thing - all coffee machines will take these beans. Most people opt for a bean to cup machine as they are put off by the excess information that there is around about coffee bean types and by doing away with the technical side of things they are making their life that bit easier. But there is also fun to be had experimenting with bean varieties. Here are our recommendations for the best coffee beans for bean to cup machines as well as the best coffee beans for coffee machines, regardless of your level of control over every aspect of the process:

Everyday Espresso (Blend) 

If you are utterly new to the world of coffee, you cannot go wrong with an espresso blend.  

Our best-selling blend is a great choice for those who like a medium roast with a balanced flavour profile. This blend is made up of 100% Arabica single-origin beans from Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil and has a sweet, familiar taste, with a hint of caramel in the aftertaste: perfect for a homemade cappuccino or other milk-based beverages!

Colombian  Bucaramanga (single origin) 

Colombian coffees are known for their rich, full body (or mouth-feel, for those in the know). Our Bucaramanga is liberally full-tasting and delicious, with a pleasant aftertaste that lingers. Expect a well-balanced profile with a clean and consistent taste, bringing through hints of chocolate and nuts.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (single origin) 

For those seeking out the origins of coffee, you cannot go wrong with a variety from the place it was allegedly discovered. (the story involves goats getting rather hyper after eating some peculiar cherries…) For this particular coffee, you can expect a smooth, deep and complex taste, with hints of berry-like fruitiness.

Jamaican Blue Mountain (single origin)

If you are after something truly exceptional, as a treat or for entertaining guests, you cannot get much better than certified Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. It is world-famous and the real stuff can be super hard to get hold of…this is not your everyday brew!

Taste-wise you can expect an intense but smooth experience, with a vibrant acidity that lacks any of the bitterness usually associated with coffee of this strength.

Mexican Swiss Water (decaf beans)

For those who want a serious coffee taste but none of the caffeine kick, our Mexican Swiss Water is sure to delight. Unlike many other decaffeination methods, Swiss Water relies on no chemicals and produces a coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free. This means that you only get the flavours of the beans themselves that are untainted by any additives. 

Our Mexican Sidamo is a seriously popular bean, with a medium strength and a rich, chocolatey tone, that is not lost when the caffeine is extracted.

So, which coffee beans are best for coffee machines?

Ultimately, the best coffee beans for your coffee machine will depend on your personal taste preferences. Experiment with different blends and roasts until you find the perfect cup for you. And remember, always grind your beans fresh for the best possible flavour. Happy brewing!

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If you’re new to home-brewed coffee and want a machine that is easy to use, here at the Coffee Bean Shop, we stock (and highly recommend) the sage range of espresso machines. Plus, we currently have an offer running that with every machine you will get a FREE Bean to Cup Starter Pack (worth £31.99) containing a selection of 4 x 250g bags of coffee especially selected for their performance in espresso brewing along with an information sheet with tips and tricks on getting the best from your machine.

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