Why Beans are best??

Of course we sell lots of ground coffee but we would much prefer you to get the best possible tasting coffee and the only way to do that is to freshly grind it from a freshly roasted coffee bean.

Coffee grinders come in all shapes and sizes, they are not expensive and they don’t take up much space on the kitchen worktop but for a serious coffee drinker they are an essential piece of kitchen equipment.

The reason is that the great flavour of coffee is found inside the bean. You could in theory get a cup of coffee from a whole bean with a lot of patience but grinding it dramatically increase the surface area and produces the flavour quicker but there is a down side. The wonderful natural oils and taste are lost very quickly after you have ground your coffee. So when you buy supermarket ground coffee for instance it might have been ground six months ago and much of the flavour will be gone. In fact  15 minutes after you have ground your coffee up to 60% of the flavour is gone!

Odour contamination, moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide depletion all combine to reduce the flavour so do yourself a favour and grind then make your coffee straight away!     

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